One of the most common questions that people will ask when it comes to marijuana is how you can make the high last for longer. Consumers may enjoy the feeling that consuming marijuana gives to them – whether it is through relaxation, pain relief etc., – but they don’t want to constantly be consuming more and more of it in order to prolong this effect.

Of course, there is also the financial cost associated with having to do so that needs to be considered. Some people are going to have higher thresholds than others, which mean that the high might not last for too long.

Generally, there are a handful of different variables which dictate how long your high is going to last after consuming marijuana.

Variables affecting how long a marijuana high will typically last

Predominantly, this will boil down to four key variables:

· The strain of marijuana used.
· The consumer’s tolerance.
· The amount of marijuana that has been consumed.
· The method by which this marijuana was consumed.

In general, you will experience a high for between one and three hours after you have smoked or vaped marijuana.

Comparing smoke consumption with oral consumption

Generally, when you eat marijuana, the high is going to last a significant amount of time longer than if you have smoked it.

When you inhale marijuana through vaping or smoking, the high will usually take up to 15 minutes to kick in. With oral consumption, this will take longer, anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. This is the reason why people often consume too much marijuana when they are orally ingesting it.

They may be used to smoking it and experiencing the high within 15 minutes of consumption. They might not be aware that it takes significantly longer for the high from orally ingested marijuana to kick in, which may lead them to consuming more edibles. This often puts them out of their comfort zone and they can have an uncomfortable high.

The duration of the high when you consume marijuana through smoking will generally be between one and three hours, whereas the high from oral ingestion will last from two to five hours. The reason that these two popular methods of consumption have differing effects is because of the way the THC is dealt with in the body.

THC is the main chemical compound in marijuana which provides that ‘high’ feeling to the consumer. When you smoke or vape marijuana, the heat quickly converts the THCA into THC and the body will process sit a lot quicker in the brain. When you orally ingest cannabis, it will take longer to kick in, because the liver has to convert the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC.

This will take longer to get up to the brain, but because the blood to brain barrier is crossed in a much more efficient manner, there will be a high that is more intense. Therefore, if you are looking for a longer high when consuming marijuana, one of the starting places for you is to ingest it orally rather than smoking or vaping it. Additionally, there are often fewer side effects associated with oral consumption than smoking or vaping it.

What about different strains?

Different marijuana strains are going to lead to different effects. There would not be much use for having dozens and even hundreds of different types of strains if they all performed the same.

For example, marijuana that is used predominantly for medical use is not necessarily going to give you a high feeling, as these strains are usually grown in a way that keeps the concentration of the psychoactive compound THC low and instead increases the levels of CBD as much as possible. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, and this is the crux of medical marijuana because it has shown to have a myriad of different health benefits.

When you go to a dispensary, you will be able to see all of the different strains available, and you can get advice off the people working there as to what the best strains are for your specific needs. If you are looking to prolong the high, they will likely point you towards the strains which have higher concentrations of THC.

What about tolerance?

When you first start out consuming marijuana, you are going to experience a much stronger and longer high than when you have been doing so for a prolonged period of time. It is the same with most things.

If you drink more alcohol consistently over time, your tolerance is going to become higher. Patients who consume medical marijuana often don’t have much recreational experience with consuming marijuana and will often feel the high effects even from strains that are low in THC. However, they quickly notice these high feelings and effects going away over time as they continue their consumption, since their tolerance builds up.

For people who have been consuming marijuana for a long time, then their tolerance is going to be greater and they will have to take higher does to extend their high.
What are some common natural ways people utilize to try and extend their high?
There are some unique and natural methods by which some people try to extend their high. While there may not be many studies showcasing their benefits, there is some anecdotal evidence which showcases their potential.

For example, the likes of sage, bay and thyme contain a terpene named pinene which can help to open your lung passages, making it easier for the THC to enter into these areas.
One of the most common natural ways that people will recommend when you are trying to extend your high is using mangoes. They suggest that you should either drink mango juice or eat a mango an hour in advance of consuming marijuana. It is said that when you combine this with weed, special chemical compounds called myrcene terpenes that are found in the mangoes will create a powerful effect.

This same compound is in the bud, and they will combine together and help to maximize your high for as long as possible. It does seem to depend on the person that tries this, as there are many reports of the high being extended and also being a more intense form of high. It certainly is a risk-free method of trying to extend this feeling.
While weed is often synonymous with getting the munchies, next time you are feeling peckish you should eat some nuts instead of your usual snacks of choice. With the omega 3 fatty acids that are found in nuts, the compounds in nuts can bind to the marijuana cannabinoids. This accelerates the time it takes for you to experience the high and it can help to extend it.
There are certain antioxidants that are found in tea which will bind with the cannabinoid receptors. This allows you to relax more and will help to enhance your mood. While it might not directly lengthen your high, it will certainly help to strengthen it.
As you can see, there are a number of key factors related to how long your high lasts for. These are namely your tolerance, the dosage you consume, the method of consumption and the strain of marijuana. There are ways to maximize your high length through these variables, as well as trying out some of the natural alternatives such as mangoes, teas and nuts.

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