When it comes to smoking weed for the first time, it can be something that is a bit overwhelming and can induce a certain level of anxiety for the individual. There are a few things that you should try to avoid to ensure that the first experience you have of smoking a joint is not a negative one.
Often times you will hear stories of people getting sick the first time they touch weed, whereas others instantly fall in love with the act.
The whole concept of smoking a joint may be something that you have little to no knowledge about. You will need to tick a few boxes to try and increase the probability of having a positive experience the first time around.
Many people over the years have had a negative first time experience when smoking a joint and subsequently never tried it again, which of course led them to missing out on all the benefits that are associated with smoking weed.
Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into in advance of smoking a joint for the first time – you need to be aware of what sort of effects it is going to have on you. This could eliminate a lot of the worry you might experience when it comes time to smoke it, and it allows you to be prepared for all eventualities.
Inherently, weed can be a psychedelic substance (depending on the THC levels) and it is able to alter your state of mind for a short period of time. If it is your first time using marijuana, then it is likely that you will get very high simply because your body is not used to the experience whatsoever. You will feel some strange sensations that you probably have not felt before, as it is not really like the feeling you get from the likes of alcohol.
Different people will react in different ways when they smoke marijuana. You might be more sensitive when it comes to sound and touch. You might feel like your mind is racing and you are more creative than usual.
Your general mood may change and you may feel more relaxed than you ever normally feel. Do be aware that some marijuana strains are used to give you more energy, so it does depend on the specific strain of weed that you are smoking.
This is why, if possible, you should play a role in selecting the specific type of strain you will be smoking in advance.
There are many articles out there that can help you with regards to this topic. One of the biggest draws to smoking joints is the lightness and euphoria that is associated with the act.
You may also experience a number of different emotions in a short space of time, so you need to know that this is normal. If you take note of this advice, you can be very prepared for your first time smoking a joint.

Look after your safety

Your first priority when it comes to smoking a joint for the first time is to ensure that your safety is well looked after. As you may very well get very intoxicated as a result of your first joint, you need to ensure that someone is there to look after you. If you do not account for your safety, you could end up in some sticky situations involving the law and also endangering your own wellbeing.
Make sure that, on the day, you do not have a place that you need to go or that there is not anything important that you need to do. This means that you are going to avoid any potentially awkward interactions when you are experiencing a first time high.
It is a good idea to smoke for the first time with some friends that are used to smoking joints as they will be able to give you support an ensure that you know what you are doing with each step of the process.
Make sure whatever you do, that you do not drive after you have smoked your joint. You will be in an intoxicated state, so make sure that a friend who is completely sober is able to drive you home or that you can get a ride in a taxi or Uber. If you attempt to drive, there is an increased probability that you will be involved in a crash and also face consequences with the law.
Try not to smoke too much on your first time. There is no point going beyond your means straight off the bat. Instead, take it slowly and build yourself up gradually rather than getting way too high too quickly.

Consumption methods to use

When it comes to consuming marijuana, there are a few different consumption methods. However, when smoking a joint, it is the process of smoking that you may not be familiar with.
If you have never smoked a cigarette before, then you will have to learn how to do so, except with a joint. It can be difficult the first time or two when it comes to trying to inhale smoke into your lungs.
When you smoke a joint, this is the quickest way in which you are going to experience a high from marijuana, which means that it is easier to see what sort of doses are the best for you.
It will only take a few minutes for the effects to kick in and the high could last anywhere in the region from half an hour to four hours. You will have the more intense effect during the initial hour, and they will gradually then fade away.

Sourcing the marijuana

This is one of the biggest issues that people face when it comes to smoking a joint for the first time. This depends on where exactly in the globe you are located and what the local laws may be. You want to ensure above all things that you know what you are smoking and that it is legitimate weed and it is not something else that could be harmful to your health.
You also don’t want to get into legal trouble, so make sure that you are getting it through legal means. You will be able to ask the people working at the dispensary all different types of questions as to what the best strain may be for your first time smoking a joint, and you will be able to get all of your rolling supplies in the same place.


When it comes to your first time smoking a joint, the most important thing to do is make sure you are relaxed and that you just enjoy the experience.
Don’t build it up too much in your head, just stay cool and go with the flow. If at any time you want to stop, don’t feel peer pressured to continue. Stop and drink some water and look after yourself.

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