There are many different reasons why people smoke marijuana. Some find it to be a great way for them to relax, whereas others find that it gives them energy. Each person will have different purposes for smoking marijuana, and this can change depending on what type of strain they are smoking.

A lot of people find that it is a great method of easing their levels of anxiety, something that can be hard to find elsewhere. By smoking certain strains, they are able to get away from their negative thoughts and relax their mind and body. However, there are some people who say that their anxiety levels increase when they consume marijuana, and therefore they tend to avoid it for the most part.

Of course, marijuana is the most popular recreational drug out there that is used on a widespread level, so the vast majority of people don’t experience heightened anxiety every time they smoke it or else they wouldn’t do so.
This article will look at why some people may experience these heightened feelings of anxiety and what they can do to change it.
Recreational use of marijuana

As mentioned, the most popular use of marijuana is still recreationally. While there are a lot of medical benefits that are being discovered when it comes to using marijuana that is higher in CBD, most people simply enjoy relaxing and unwinding by smoking a joint.

There is a long history when it comes to marijuana use, with it being banned for many decades in most areas of the world.
A lot of governments believed it to be a gateway drug that would lead users down a more dangerous path of drug use, whereas others felt that it made people lazy and unproductive. Of course, there are countless cases showing the opposite effects in reality.
However, the question at hand is whether, in some cases, the use of cannabis can lead to heightened levels of anxiety in the consumer rather than helping to ease these levels.

Marijuana and anxiety levels

As mentioned, a lot of people find that smoking marijuana is of great benefit to their anxiety levels. It can put them in a place where they no longer have to worry about their issues or the overwhelming thoughts that are swimming around inside of their heads.
Drugs and anxiety have an interesting relationship, and often times it depends on how extreme your level of anxiety is before you can determine what sort of effect marijuana use will have on it.

While marijuana is great for pain relief and helping ease anxiety, sometimes it can have the opposite effect and make these feelings worse. Different types of anxiety exist, which is why it is important you know what type you are dealing with.
Unfortunately, due to marijuana being outlawed for so many years, there are not really any long-term conclusive studies looking at the relationships between marijuana usage and anxiety levels. While there have been some promising studies published in recent times, these generally focus on the short term effects.

One key factor of this debate is making a distinction between marijuana that is purchased legally at a dispensary and the stuff that you would by illegally from a street dealer.

Drugs that are bought on the street are often laced and mixed with substances that will cause heightened symptoms of anxiety. Just the process of engaging in this illegal act will in itself add to your anxiety and stress levels.
This marijuana will often not be grown in the best way; You don’t have control over the type of marijuana you are buying and you are mostly dealing with shady individuals, which cannot do much to help quell your anxiety levels.
Every person is going to have a different reaction when they consume marijuana. Some people will be relaxed, whereas others will experience hallucinations and have a more intense experience. The dosage plays a large role in this outcome, as well as what the given person is expecting to result from the experience.
Therefore, people who often deal with issues around anxiety will go into the experience of smoking marijuana with a negative mind frame and already be assuming that they are going to have a negative reaction. As a result, this creates a spiralling effect of further anxiety.
People with this type of anxiety where they think negatively about different situations might have an issue when smoking marijuana. Marijuana often will confirm these thoughts and therefore increase the chances of the person having an anxiety-riddled high.
Some people have a form of anxiety where they experience panic attacks. This is essentially an anxiety-related disorder that is coupled with a strong physical feeling. An individual experiencing a panic attack will start to feel things throughout their body and can then develop an intense anxiety rush in addition to further physical symptoms that come about due to high stress levels.
Some of the common triggers for these disorders include certain effects which are commonly seen with marijuana users, such as poor coordination, rising heart rate, difficulty breathing and feeling lightheaded.
You can attribute some of these effects to the relaxation that is derived from THC usage. If a person actively is dealing with a panic disorder in their everyday lives, there is a greater chance that they will become more anxious or panic instead of feeling relaxed from this experience.

One big question that people may have is whether a person who doesn’t suffer from anxiety in any shape or form could all of a sudden start to experience it when they smoke marijuana.
Assuming that the marijuana is of a controlled dose and that it has not been laced with any other substances, it is very unlikely that this would happen. Most of the time, it will be people who are actively dealing with anxiety and stress that would have any issues.
Of course, there is no conclusive way of determining how a person will react to the use of drugs, so if you start to develop feelings of anxiety after smoking marijuana, then it could very well be correlated.
There are some people who regularly use cannabis and, for one reason or another, they decide to stop for a given period of time.
Often times, they start to have feelings of anxiety once again as the withdrawal process starts to kick in. Even people who previously had not experienced anxiety could start to have a touch of temporary anxiety when they undergo marijuana withdrawals.
There are many people who use marijuana to quell their feelings of anxiety, so naturally when they stop taking it this anxiety can come back if they have not addressed the issue in other parts of their lives.
There are certainly relaxation properties around the use of marijuana, but for those riddled with anxiety, these feelings may become more intense when smoking marijuana. Therefore, you need to know what type of anxiety you are dealing with and see for yourself whether marijuana will help or harm these feelings.

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